Story of DeStash

  Lei's journey into the world of vintage muumuus began after her retirement from a successful career in the corporate world. She had always been a fan of vintage fashion, but it wasn't until retirement that she decided to turn her passion into a thriving business.

Lei's shop started as a quaint boutique selling vintage fabrics, housewares, jewelry, and a very small collection of vintage clothing.

However, over the years, Lei noticed a growing interest in vintage Hawaiian fashion, particularly the iconic muumuu dresses. These loose-fitting, brightly colored dresses, adorned with tropical motifs, had become popular again, thanks to a resurgence of interest in retro styles and Hawaii's timeless appeal.

Lei saw an opportunity to pivot her business towards this growing trend. Her collection grew rapidly, and soon, the shop became known as the go-to destination for anyone seeking a genuine vintage muumuu.

Lei's passion for the history of the muumuu makes her the perfect guide for anyone looking to purchase one of these timeless dresses. She can tell you about the different decades they come from, the designers who made them famous, and the stories behind each piece.

Whether you're a local looking for a unique piece of Hawaiian history or a tourist hoping to take home a beautiful memento of your visit, DeStash Hawaii has something to offer. Lei's dedication to preserving and celebrating the beauty of vintage Hawaiian fashion has not only made her business a success but has also become a treasured part of the community's cultural heritage.